Technical Specifications

For questions, contact the Technical Supervisor at 727-587-6740 Ext. 5119 or


  • Proscenium opening 35' 
  • Stage right wing space 17'
  • Stage left wing space 14' 
  • Curtain line to upstage wall 34'
  • Curtain line to downstage edge 11' 
  • Orchestra pit cover depth 6'
  • Curtain line to cyclorama 26' 
  • Crossover space / cyclorama to upstage wall 8’

The Central Park Performing Arts Center's Tonne playhouse has a professional full range stereo sound system consisting of two line array speaker clusters flown on the left and right side of the stage.

Sub bass cabinets are located at floor level.  Audio system components:

  • DB Technologies DVA T8 Line Array Speaker System
  • DB Technologies S30N Subwoofers
  • The house mixer is a Yamaha M7CL-48 with 48 microphone inputs, 8 DCA, 16 auxiliary sends and 8 Matrix.
  • House equalization is done with a DBX 2031
  • DBX drive rack house processor/crossover
  • 40 ch Split snake w/ ISO and 8 return
  • 24 ch stage box w/ 50 XLR
  • *All cable by CBI

 The control room is located approximately 80' from the front curtain line. Full control of sound and lights are provided at this location. 

Outboard Equipment

  • (1) American Audio Dual CD with Cue Controller
  • (1) Sony MXD-D400 mini disc / compact disc player and recorder
  • (1) Sony RCD-W500C dual compact disc player and recorder
  • (1) Numark submixer with iPod input

Stage monitors can be mixed from the control room or from the stage.  

  • Stage monitor desk: Allen & Heath GL2000 24 x 6
  • Six monitor mixes are possible with Rane GE60 Equalizers
  • Stage monitors are powered by: 6 Crown 24 x 6
  • Available monitor speakers are: 
  • 6 EAW JFX 560 Floor Wedges (Bi-amp or Passive)


  • 8 Shure Beta 58 Dynamic Microphone(1) Shure Beta 52 Dynamic Microphone 
  • 1Shure Beta 57 Dynamic Microphone
  • 8 Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone
  • 1 Shure SM81 Condenser Microphone
  • 3 Shure SM99 Condenser Podium Microphone
  • 1 Sennheiser 421 Microphone
  • 3 Sennheiser Evolution Clip on Drum Microphone
  • 1 AKG D112 Dynamic Microphone
  • 2 Audio Technica AT859QMLX Unipoint Consenser Podium Microphone
  • 3 Audio Technica Pro 37R Condenser Microphone
  • 2 Crown CM31 Condenser Hanging Choir Microphone
  • 2 Crown PCC Condenser Microphone
  • 2 Whirlwind Hotbox Active DI
  • 2 Whirlwind EDB1 Passive DI
  • 2 Behringer Active DI
  • 3 Ramtech Pro DI
  • *Mic stands by K&M / Ultimate

Wireless Systems

  • 10 Shure UHF U14D/50 wireless microphone system (hand held or body pack)
  • 6 Handheld Beta 58 wireless handset
  • 10 Body pack transmitter with Sennheiser elements.

Road Power

  • 1-400 amp per leg 3-phase service located off stage right in Scene Shop


  • Equipped with 96 Strand 2.4kw dimmers
  • 6 circuits are dedicated to house lighting; 90 are available for theatrical lighting.
  • All lighting instruments are manufactured by Altman or ETC
  • The lighting console in the control room is a microprocessor-based Flying Pig Hog III with Dual 15" touch screens, Programming Wing and 30 playbacks
  • Follow spots:2 Altman Satellite


  • Locking rail - Stage left
  • Loading Bridge - Grid height
  • Counterweight lines - 21 single purchase line sets holding 1500# each
  • Length of battens - 40'
  • 3 line sets dedicated to Electrics
  • 1 line set is dedicated to the 18' x 24' front projection screen


  • Legs - 4-Sets black, 1-Set red
  • Borders - 4-Black,1-Red
  • Travelers - 1-upstage,1-midstage
  • Scrim - 1
  • Cyclorama - 2 Seamless sky blue

The Central Park Performing Arts Center has a two-channel Clear-Com system. The outlets are located as follows:

  • Dressing room
  • Orchestra pit
  • Stage left, back and front
  • Stage right, back and front
  • Scene shop
  • Dimmer room
  • Ticket office
  • Spot bays, left and right
  • Vestibule, left and right
  • Control room
  • There are 9 501 belt packs with headset and (1) RM220 base stations


  • 18' x 24' front projection screen / 9' x 12' rear projection screen 
  • 2 NEC NP 4100 DLP projector
  • 1 Kramer VP728 Video Switcher w/ 3 way splitter
  • *Video control is from the stage

The loading dock leads into a 23' x 39' scene shop which leads to upstage right.The loading dock is elevated 3' from ground level and has a 10' wide x 12' high door.

Dressing Rooms
There are two dressing rooms:

  • Women's 13' x 17'
  • Men's 13' x 14' 

Each dressing room has a toilet, shower, 4 sinks and a clothing rack. The Green room is 33' x 8'. It is equipped with mirrors, furniture and a telephone.

Other Amenities Available

  • Baldwin 6' Baby Grand Piano (on Stage)
  • Steinway Upright Grand Piano (orchestra pit)
  • Stage Risers: Four 8' x 6' x 24" with skirting and 2 stair units
  • Lectern
  • Step Ladders
  • Genie Lift
  • Ramp

Backstage Regulations
The CPPAC's Technical Supervisor or House Technician will assist with all technical needs and requirements. The authority of the Technical Supervisor with regards to safety issues and The CPPAC's equipment will be absolute. The Lessee and/or Performers shall provide the Technical Supervisor with a full and detailed outline of show requirements, not less than 15 days prior to the first occupancy of the premises, including all stage, lighting, sound and hall requirements (schematics) and such other information as may be appropriate to the event to be presented. The Lessee and/or Performer shall provide, not less than 7 days prior to the first occupancy of the premises, with a written production schedule, outlining all details for your event.

8 am - 9 am Load in
9 am - 10 am Sound set up
10 am - 11 am Sound check
11 am - 12 pm Doors
12 pm - 2 pm Show
2 pm - 3 pm Load out

SAFETY PROVISIONS: The Lessee and/or Performer agrees that all drapes, hangings, curtains, drops, and other decorative materials used in the premises shall be flame-proof and that all matters involving safety be resolved by the decision of the Lessor.

CARE AND USE OF THE THEATER: The Lessee and/or Performer shall not use any type of tape, adhesives or drive any nails, screws, tacks, pins, and/or any other objects into the floors, walls, partitions, doors, seats, or woodwork of the premises without the authority of the Technical Supervisor. THE USE OF CONFETTI, GLITTER OR OBJECTS THAT MEASURE LESS THAN 1/4" IN SIZE/DIAMETER IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.