Arts Education

Central Park Performing Arts Foundation knows funding Youth in Arts programs can be one of the most important steps we take as individuals and as a society. Exposure to the performing arts results in more successful adults who engage more, are confident and overcome economic barriers. Exposure goes beyond sitting in the audience, youth must engage.

Did You Know...?
  • The Foundation has increased its funding for need-based and talent-based scholarships to four City of Largo programs including three Summer Camps and semi-annual After School Acting Essentials Classes.
  •  A student involved in the arts is four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement.
  •  Low-income students highly engaged in the arts are twice as likely to graduate college as peers with no arts education.
  •  72% of business leaders say that creativity is the #1 skill they seek when hiring.
  •  Over $600,000 in funding of the Annual Children Series since 1994.
  •  Serving approximately 4,600 individuals and families per year with affordable family entertainment in the Children’s Series.
  •  Nearly 700 scholarship youths served in Summer Theater Camps.

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Performances held during the school year provide teachers the opportunity to bring their students to a professional LIVE theatre production.
Our summer theatre camps offer children ages 9-18 the opportunity to explore the performance or technical sides of theatre while building meaningful, lifelong skills.
Our family-friendly matinee performances are the perfect way to introduce your young ones to the magic of live theatre.