Sunstate Orchestral Program  Free Event!

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Saturday, October 7 at 11am

This free orchestral performance of 100 musicians will take place on the CPPAC Terrace overlooking Largo Central Park.  The performance will take place from 11:00am-12:30pm.
This is the perfect opportunity for children to experience the thrill of classical music and to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in our community.

About the Sunstate Orchestral Program - aka El Sistema Tampa

Nurturing Extraordinary Talents: Inspiring Brilliance and Achievements.

Since 2019, the Sunstate Orchestral Program has provided tailored music programming for beginners. Our dedicated team of instructors guides you and your family through collaborative music creation, fostering both individual and community joy in music. Expect exceptional instruction in music theory and performance coaching.

Inspired by the influential El Sistema philosophy, The Sunstate Orchestral Program introduce people of all ages to the basics of music, fostering creativity, well-being, and community involvement. With skilled instructors and flexible learning options, we empower individuals to discover their artistic talents, grasp music theory, and experience the joy of collaborative music-making. Our transformative programs create an enriching musical journey for individuals and communities alike.

Proudly a member of El Sistema USA, the Sunstate Orchestral Program joins a nationwide alliance of El Sistema-inspired organizations. Together, we strive for social change through music for children, promoting excellence and equity in music education. Through this partnership, we connect with like-minded programs, professionals, and resources to nurture young musicians and foster community engagement.

Sunstate Orchestral Program