Ushers are responsible for assisting CPPAC staff with patron safety and security by helping to direct patrons to their seats, monitoring the theatre for issues or emergencies, and supervising the lobby doors. Ushers must be able to provide excellent customer service, remain calm and act quickly in the event of an issue or emergency, and stand for about an hour. Ushers are located in three sections of the theatre: at the base of reserved seating, several aisles up in reserved seating, and on either side of Orchestra VIP seating (if applicable). Some ushers may be asked to hand out programs to patrons, if needed.

Ticket Takers
Ticket takers are responsible for greeting patrons and allowing them into the theatre after verifying their tickets. They must be able to provide excellent customer service and stand for about thirty minutes. They are located at either entrance to the theatre.

Concessions Sales
Concessions volunteers are responsible for serving food and beverage refreshments to patrons in a typically fast-paced environment. They must be able to provide excellent customer service, work quickly and accurately, handle cash sales, and closely follow CPPAC policies and procedures. In addition, they must have solid communication and organizational skills, and a working knowledge of basic mixed drinks. They are located in the Concessions area and are open an hour prior to performance time, as well as during intermission (if applicable).

Box Office Will Call
Will Call volunteers are responsible for assisting CPPAC staff with handing out will call tickets—tickets which have already been paid for. They should be able to provide excellent customer service and follow CPPAC policies and procedures for ticket retrieval. They spend the duration of their shift in the Box Office with a staff member.

Merchandise Sales
Merchandise volunteers are only needed occasionally, and are responsible for assisting CPPAC staff with the sales of artist merchandise. They should be able to handle cash sales and provide excellent customer service. Their shifts will include pre- and post-show times as well as intermission, if applicable. They spend the duration of their typically fast-paced shift with a staff member.


How Do I Become a Volunteer?
First, complete a Recreation Volunteer Application and be sure to select "Central Park Performing Arts Center" as one of the locations you are interested in volunteering with.

Once your application is received, it will first be processed by our administrative offices and then sent to us--this can take anywhere between one and four weeks, depending on our current pool of interested applicants. 

After we have received your application, you will be contacted by our Volunteer Coordinator to schedule an in-person interview at our facility with a CPPAC staff member. In this interview you will learn further details about volunteering with us, receive a tour of our building, and sign the required paperwork.

After the completion of a successful interview, you will be contacted again by our Volunteer Coordinator to schedule you for your first shift. The time between your interview and being scheduled for your first shift can also take several weeks depending on our events and current needs.

Once you have completed your first shift with us, congratulations! You are now an official CPPAC volunteer!

Do CPPAC Volunteers Wear a Uniform?
Yes. All volunteers at CPPAC must arrive in a white collared shirt or blouse, black pants or skirt, and black, closed-toe shoes. Once you arrive, you will wear a vest over your shirt as well as a nametag.

Can I Earn Service/Bright Futures Hours?
Yes! Volunteer hours may apply to service learning project hours for school credit or the Bright Futures program. Before starting a program, students should discuss volunteering with their counselors. We are able to provide a history of your service hours as needed.

I Have More Questions! Who Can I Contact?
Please call our Main Office at (727) 587-6751.