20/21 Children's Series

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20/21 CPPAC Children's Educational Series -- School Performances
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The Main Street Kids' Club: A Mathstart Musical
Thursday-Friday, November 12-13
Main Street Kids' Club
Inspired by the award-winning series of books by Stuart J. Murphy, The Mainstreet Kids’ Club: A MathStart Musical, tells a tale of adventure, mystery, friendship and math. Six stories, each focusing on a different mathematical concept, are deftly woven together to tell the story of The M.S.K.C. – a cool kids’ club where math is used to figure out all kinds of things – and Toby, a new kid in town who desperately wants to join, but first has to prove himself to be math-worthy. Produced by Stages Productions.

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Santa's Holiday Revue
Tuesday-Friday, December 8-11

This fast-paced, rollicking musical is a joyous tour around the
world of the dances, songs and stories froMain Street Kids' Clubm Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and many other holiday celebrations. Students will sing, clap and tap along as they learn new and old traditions, customs and folklore that instill the magic of the season. This wonderful jubilee creates a memorable and heart-warming experience that celebrates the true spirit of cultural
diversity. Now in its 17th consecutive year of touring! Produced by Stages Productions.

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Wednesday, February 10


Pinkalicious, from the wildly popular book series, is brought to life in in this perfectly pink musical! Pinkalicious can’t stop eating pink cupcakes and her pink indulgence lands her at the doctor’s office with a severe case of “pinkititus,” which makes her pink from head
to toe! Come along with Pinkalicious as she learns the power of
self-control and the importance of moderation. Produced by Stages Productions.

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Wednesday, March 10

Rapunzel is an enticing classic complete with the long-haired rapunzel_headerbeauty, Prince Charming and the evil witch. Rapunzel’s parents, starving and destitute, make a pact with a nearby witch to give her their first born child in exchange for food. Exiled to a lonely tower, the witch gives the strong willed princess everything she wants except freedom. This seriously funny tale shows how a
possessive mother, a tentative prince, and a naive young girl all grow
up in a surprising way. Produced by Stages Productions.

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The Children's Educational Series is sponsored by the Central Park Performing Arts Foundation.