Save The Rainforest: Salvar La Selva Tropical Puppet Show

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Saturday, April 13 at 11am

Save the Rainforest:  Salvar la Selva Tropical
Running Time: 45 Minutes | For Ages 3 to 10
Amazing, endangered animals of the Amazon Rainforest show us why we need to protect them. With over 15 colorful puppets in a lush jungle setting, puppeteer and Eco-tour guide Katie Adams takes the audience on a journey to explore the delicate balance of the Rainforest ecology. This immersive show features puppets, shadow puppets, some Spanish language and indigenous music with a message of animal and nature conservation.
​This show was originally made by Frank Lakus. Inspired by the book The Great Kapok Tree by Lynn Cherry.

Curriculum Connections:
Science, Theater Arts, Language Arts, Spanish, Music, Character Education

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